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Your unconventional resource and community for creatives, misfits & rebels.
We help creatives & craftspeople transform their talents into legacies.
Made for the daring souls forging their own paths.
(and the creative mavericks wearing too many hats!)

calling all

future trailblazers

This is a passion project hugely close to my heart. I'm drawing inspiration from my own story as a designer whose journey began in the fashion world, working for others when, deep down, I had a burning desire to go it alone.

As the founder of a brand known for our rebellious, muse-inspired candles, I've consistently aimed to inspire future trailblazers through storytelling. Now, I'm taking a bold leap forward with a carefully curated selection of resources and immersive experiences - tools designed to arm my fellow creatives with the essential tools to transform their talents into a lasting legacy.

So, gear up, fearless creators, as you're about to learn how to transform your untamed ideas, cultivate a following, and ignite a movement!