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Article: For anyone who's going through it

For anyone who's going through it

On Sunday 26th September, I sent this email out to my subscribers. The number of emails I received back was overwhelming. In fact, they're still coming in now (24 hours later). It made me realise how many people are going through really tough times right now, and so i'm leaving the email here in case it 'speaks to' anyone else who needs to feel understood...


I just wanted to take a minute and give a shout out to anyone who’s going through it right now. We can often feel alone when we’re facing tough circumstances, but I just want to say 'hang in there' and let you know that you are so not alone.

As I sit here writing this, i’m grappling with the fact that our paper costs have doubled, our courier costs have inflated and i’m still trying to find a way to ship to European customers without them incurring customs charges (Merci for that, Brexit). That last one I’m determined to solve. After all, you’ve all been through enough already without tedious charges thrown in too.

The last 18 months (2 years?) have been weird. Of course, you don’t need a pen wielding designer to tell you that. Things are slowly, slowly returning to normal (whatever that is). And yet there are food shortages on the horizon and a queue for petrol that wraps around the Black Cat roundabout. 

I know that there’s a lot to feel grateful for. We’ve just sent our first order to an iconic luxury store, signed a contract with the family of a female icon and i’ve been brought on as a consultant to help a brand release a line of fragrances. This sounds like a brag, believe me it so isn’t. We’re being thrown a different curveball every day and I’m spread way too thin, like, really thin. This is all except for my thighs which aren’t thinning anything because I haven't been able to go to the gym since I caught Covid. In case you were wondering, it generally ends with me rolling on the floor after 10 minutes on a treadmill. It’s a pathetic sight I can tell you! 

This is probably the most personal thing i've written publicly. But I wanted to share it in case anyone else feels like they’re in the thick of it and just needs to know that someone else is feeling it too. As i’ve been spread so thin i’ve been missing out on the two things I love most; connecting with you guys and putting pen to paper to draw. So this is me sticking a pin in it and saying ‘no matter what, I will not stop doing the things I love, and I will always pay attention to the very thing that makes this brand special (that’s you).’

If you’re building a brand, a business or a side hustle, keep going. These times are testing us all. Keep striving to be brilliant and the light & success will follow. (I’m partly writing this bit as a reminder to myself too).

If you are someone who is going through it, hit me up. Tell me your story. I’d love to hear it. And if you’re really going through it, let me know. I’d love to send you something to cheer you up.

Stay creative, positive & resilient, 


Lauren x


P.S. If any other gym bunnies have faced this same lingering Covid problem, any tips on how to overcome it would be much welcome. These thighs can be ignored no longer!


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